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Meditation Is A Workout For The Mind, Like Exercise Is A Workout For The Body

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

Meditation Witrh Peter Paul Parker
  1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

  2. Improves Productivity And Focus

  3. Improves Heart Health

  4. Helps Your Body Lose Weight

  5. Improves Ability To Sleep Well


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How Meditation Can Work For You

In recent years, meditation and mindfulness has become more and more popular in the Western World. Mindfulness originally came from the Vedas and was known as Sackshi Bav.

This simply means witness mentality. But the word meditation covers such a wider area of practises. it is very difficult to define all of the elements with one word. Meditation used to mean ‘To Think Deeply About Something.’

The good news is you have all the elements inside of you to meditate successfully. There are many things to get in your way when you learn to meditate. But sitting on a mountain side and focusing on your breath can be really hard for anyone who is starting on this journey.

There are answers to this problem. But you have to look and find them. Meditation can help with the 5 reasons why you should meditate listed above. But there are so many other benefits to you taking up a practise of meditation.

3 More Reasons To Meditate

  • Understand Your Pain More Profoundly

  • Get A Better Connection With Yourself

  • Calms Brain Chatter And The Monkey Mind

If you think about it clearly, you will see this quite easily. Really absorb the information that between 90 and 95% of our diseases in the world are caused by stress. That is a tremendous amount.

And meditation can help relieve stress. Surely mediation will work for you to stop stress too. You can see all the studies to prove this by clicking here>>>

Learn To Meditate In Stages

I remember when I wanted to get into meditation and found the whole process very daunting. I needed help to distinguish what was going to work for me, and what would be wasting my time.

And I did waste some time finding what was right for me. It was, and still is, a journey or discovery and realisations. That is why the first two steps of the Dream Method are discovering and realising.

Discovering the negative cycles in your life, and realising you can heal those cycles very quickly with meditation. I remember when the penny dropped with me.

It Is Hard To Start A Meditation Practise

My instructor at the time walked into the room and said to the class ‘I could quite easily guide you through a meditation and make you feel amazing. But I am not going to do that.’ The class winced.

She then went on to take us through a two hour Qi Gong class that really stretched the bodies endurance. She then let us lie down and experience the energy flowing through the body.

Now I was in the right frame of mind to experience this type of silent meditation. Before that, I used to be agitated if I just sat still. I found meditating like that at first impossible, like most people do.

How To Start Your Own Meditation Practise

Personally, I found it impossible to start my meditation practise until I found Qi Gong. But there is a way that is easy and will prepare you for the days when you have are more of an expert at it.

Here is a quick check list on how to start to meditate properly.

  • Set A Timer For 3 - 5 Minutes

  • Start Seated And Straighten Your Back So You Are Comfortable

  • Start To Focus On Your Body

  • Now Focus On Your Breath

  • When You Inhale, Notice The Cool Air In Your Nostrils

  • When You Exhale, Notice The Warm Air In Your Nostrils

  • Slow Your Breathing Down As Much As Is Comfortable

  • Don't Unpack Your Thoughts, Just Let Them Be

  • Be Kind To Yourself Always

This is an easy entry level meditation. In my free meditation course, you can learn this and get more detailed instruction to start your practise with guidance. And remember, when you first breath in and out, slightly close the airways so you can feel the temperature of the breath as it goes in and out. This is how it was first taught in India, thousands of years ago.

Because you know the senstation of cool and warm, this will start to sensitise your mind to your body. And your brain will follow suit.

How To Meditate Properly For Beginners

How To Meditate Properly

More and more people are looking to get into meditation, but find it hard. I really do get that. It took me quite a while to experiment with many different ways before I found this.

And it really is so simple but profound. In this short course, you will learn an ancient Vedic meditation technique taught in the Indian Puranas. And anyone can learn it.

You will be guided through 7 days via email to monitor your progress.

Click the button below to join the free course.

Sign Up For The Free Meditation Course Above

How Often Should I Meditate

How often should I meditate by Peter Paul Parker

To get the best out of meditation, you should practise everyday.

And starting with this simple practise of just focusing on your breath will really get you off to a flying start.

And always remember, the more you practise, the better you get at it.

I remember when I first started to meditate. My mind was definitely like a time traveller. It was all over the place.

But with determination, I can now focus my mind well.

And this has really helped me live a successful and balanced life.

More Advanced Meditation Techniques

More advanced meditation techniques by Peter Paul Parker

It is best you start at the beginning and work towards more advanced meditation techniques.

When you realise the mind is a very powerful tool, but a really lousy master, you are on he way to going deeper.

Once you get into a regular practise of meditation, you will be able to focus your mind on what you actually want.

You will be able to get over any distractions very quickly and bring your mind back to where you want to take your energy.

And this leads you to meditating on chakras and sounds also.

Start simply and then get more into it with experience.

Blogs And Articles On Meditation

Meditation Is A Workout For The Mind by Peter Paul Parker

Meditation Is A Workout For The Mind

Yes meditation is a work out for the mind. Rather like exercise is a work out for the body. Qi Gong combines the two.

I do charity work for the elderly teaching them the form of Ki Gong I have learnt which originates from Korea.

I love the classes for many reasons, but I thought I would share what someone said after class yesterday.


Do You Need A Special To Meditate? by Peter Paul Parker

Do You Need A Special To Meditate?

Do you need a special area to meditate is a good question.

A meditative atmosphere is good for everyone, including any pets who have felt stressed through these unprecedented times we are living in.

As mentioned in a previous blog, we can make a special place to meditate. We have created what we call the healing room in our house.


Will Meditation Slow Down The Speed Of My Life? by Peter Paul Parker

Will Meditation Slow Down The Speed Of My Life?

Does meditation slow down time? Meditation gives you the feeling that time has stopped rushing by and taking you with it, leaving you with the sense that you are not running out of control.

Time is illusory by nature and we can experience that first hand when we either slip into a daydream and we feel like we have not been present for hours and it has been minutes.

Or when we find ourselves in a position where we have nothing to do and have nothing too much on our mind and time seems to drag on forever and ever.


How To Improve Focus With Meditation? by Peter Paul Parker

How To Improve Focus With Meditation?

How to improve focus with meditation is a good question. After meditating regularly, even for short periods of time, you find your concentration, your ability to focus, and your perception all improve.

Like expressed in earlier articles, meditation is like training for the mind. For instance, if we have decided to run a marathon for charity or for personal reasons, we would train our bodies.


How To Be Calm With Meditation

How To Be Calm With Meditation

Yes you can learn how to be calm with meditation. Meditation can create a calmer presence for you.

Developing a calmer presence through meditation helps you to stand back from situations so you can weigh up your options more helpfully to all concerned, and also to enable you to listen to your sixth sense.


Meditation can help you solve problems

Meditation Can Help You Solve Problems

Yes it is true, meditation can help you solve problems. Meditation helps you see problems as moments in your life that need to be changed.

Meditation can show you that these problems can be used as a place for growth and expansion of where you are and where you want to be. I used to view problems and hurdles and quite often ran away from them.


Why practice different types of meditation?

Why Practice Different Types Of Meditation?

Why practice different types of meditation? Putting all these techniques together helps you to put a guard on your mind.

We lock our houses when we go out, but we do not do the same for our mind.

It is good to have an open mind, but also to have a guard at the gate of your mind to distinguish which thought or emotion is in your best interest.


Breathing Meditation – Why Is This So Important?

Breathing Meditation – Why Is This So Important?

Why is breathing meditation so important? As we age our breathing gets shallower.

The breath is one of the ways we get energy into the body, so as we breath in a shallower manner, our energy starts to deplete quicker.


Moving Meditation – Why Is This So Important?

Moving Meditation – Why Is This So Important?

This is so important as it helps you to learn to move your body mindfully. Many people I have met through my teaching career have stiff shoulders or hips, and even hands and feet.

This is because we are holding tension in our bodies. We can release this tension by using our mind, body and breath together.


Guided Meditation – Why Is This Important?

Guided Meditation – Why Is This Important?

Guided meditation – Why is this important? Sometimes it is easier when you let someone take control of your thoughts and awareness.

It is always a treat for someone else to drive you around in your car occasionally and guided meditation is much like the same experience.


Silent Meditation – Why is this so important?

Silent Meditation – Why is this so important?

Silent meditation – Why is this important? Certainly I have found silent meditation will become easier once you have practised the other three meditations.

This type of meditation really does give you indications of where your mind is at. And what issues you may be having in your life.


Sound Meditation – Why is this important?

Sound Meditation – Why is this important?

I found sound meditation to be the deepest experience for me. Maybe it is because I was a professional musician for about ten years.

But when speaking to other people, they also find sound toning and sound meditation one of the deepest and most profound forms of meditation.

I can feel parts of my body resonate when I use certain sounds and tones.


Common Objections About Meditation

Is Meditation Selfish Behaviour?

Is Meditation Selfish Behaviour?

That could not be further from the truth. When we are going to fly somewhere, the steward or stewardess always instructs us to put on our oxygen masks first, before attempting to help others.

This is what meditation is. It is putting on your oxygen mask before you help other people.

It can enable you to empower yourself to help others in a more profound way. Meditation will also enable you to see problems and issues from a different perspective.


Is Meditation Running Away From Your Problems?

Is Meditation Running Away From Your Problems?

Meditation is not running away from problems. Some people say meditation is running away or escapism.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We tend to push away thoughts and feelings that hurt or even harm us. When we develop a strong mind, meditation actually brings those thoughts and feelings closer to us, so it is actually the opposite of running away.


Will Meditation Make Me Emotionless?

Will Meditation Make Me Emotionless?

Will meditation make me emotionless? No not at all. In fact, meditation will help you feel your emotions on a deeper level, which is what I have experienced.

You start to see the cycles in your life, and how to change those cycles.

There is no reason to deceive yourself or others for that matter.

You will also see that the very structure of the way that we live will actually make you emotionless, and meditation will bring you back from that place, so you can experience your emotions properly again.


Is Meditation Relaxation?

Is Meditation Relaxation?

Is meditation relaxation? Or Is meditation a fancy word for relaxing? Not really.

We seem to think that relaxing can be sitting in front of TV watching your favourite box set or movie. This is not really relaxing. Qi Gong is a fantastic way of relaxing the mind and body together, and when done properly, is immediately effective.

To relax the mind and body properly, we need to be free from outside distractions, pre conceptions and conditioning..


Do You Need To Be Spiritual To Meditate?

Do You Need To Be Spiritual To Meditate?

Why you do not need to be spiritual to meditate! Some people say you need to be spiritual to meditate. This is also not true.

The word spiritual came from spiritus, which is Latin for breathing or breath. It is connecting with your breath which could be termed a spiritual practice. It is as simple as that.

Why you do not need to be spiritual to meditate! Some people say you need to be spiritual to meditate. This is also not true.


How Can Meditation Be Exciting?

How Can Meditation Be Exciting?

How meditation can be exciting? Some people say meditation is boring. If you feel this way, then you are not really getting what meditation is all about.

Our bodies are amazing, and at one time in our past, our minds were considered the six sense.

For instance, if there is a bad smell around, we tend to move away from the smell. The same would be said for a harsh sound.

Our mind is like our sixth sense, and is a very powerful tool if used correctly.


FAQ's On Meditation

Can I learn To Meditate On My Own?

Of course you can learn to meditate on your own. Meditation is a big umbrella term for many different modalities of healing and well being. I usually guide people to start their meditation hourney on focusing on the breath.But more importantly, to realise why we are doing this.

This convinces the mind to become more focused and stedfast on doing this everyday. This is because you realise the benefits to you. I would suggest the free breathing course I have here for you to try. And then take it from there. If you want to get deeper into meditation for healing reasons.

I would suggest watching The Dream Method Webinar. This will help you see what these types of meditation can do for you.

FAQ image

What Do You Recommend For Beginners Who Want To Meditate?

Guided meditations is probably the easiest place to start, but I am not a big fan of guided meditation. It works when you are learning to meditate, but I would start trying to get into breathing meditation very quickly. Ki Gong is one of the quickest ways I found to do this, because you are using the body as well.

You can join the Academy fon a free trial and see if this will work for you. It was a really quick way for me to deal with stress and axnnxiety almost immediately.

There are guided meditations below you can try also.

FAQ image

How Regularly Should I Practise Meditation?

A solid start would be 5 minutes per day. It is called a practise, because the more you meditate, the better you become at it. Don't give up because you found the first few session really difficult. Persevere and you will thank your previous slef for making that decision.

I do have a short breathing meditation course which you can try which will guide you with 5 minute breathing meditations every day. Click the link below.

FAQ image

Does Meditation Work Scientifically?

Yes it most certainly has been proven to work by having many scientific studies undertaken on meditation.

Click the link below and you will see all the studies I have gathered on the subject.

I needed to get these studies together for the Charity Commission to apporve my Ki Gong practise for elderly people. They required proof so they could approve my charity would actually benefit the elderly people.

Here is an impact report we ran as a charity Brighter Living on elderly community centres. It is a reliable study to show how much of a difference meditation and Ki Gong had on the participants. Click the link below to see the study.

Brighter Living Impact Report

FAQ image

How Do We Change Our Thoughts From Negative To Positive With Meditation?

Meditation will give you a different perspective on your thoughts and feelings. Even though it is easy to say 'We Are Not Our Thoughts' and 'We Are Not Our Feelings,' it is difficult to actually know that unless you have started to take the journey inside.

With a regular meditation practise, you will start to realise these statements are true. And you will also begin to recognise that your thoughts are not necessarily your own. These are deep concepts that meditation will help you understand more profoundly.

And finally, you will be able to focus on the thoughts that are positive and add intention to them. And let be the thoughts that are negative and just let them go.

FAQ image

How Do I Stop My Mind Wandering Using Meditation?

The Tibetans called the mind 'The Monkey Mind'. This is because it jumps all over the place. This is actually natural because like everything in our universe, the mind is designed to keep moving. But we can learn to focus the mind. This is called meditation.

Meditation is called a practise because we have to keep doing it to get better at it. A regular practise of meditation will stop your wandering mind, and start to increase your focus. This happens over a period of time.

FAQ image

Can Meditation Give Me Peace Of Mind?

Yes. With a regular practise of meditation, you can have a peaceful mind. Being highly sensitive can make your mind run over the same scenario over and over again. I know, I've been there. But when you begin to meditate regularly, this starts to ease up, and eventually stop.

Then your mind becomes peaceful, and your life looks a lot different because of it.

FAQ image

Does Meditation Help You Stay Present?

Your mind can be like a time traveller. It travels to the past, and it travels to the future. And sometimes it can be in the present. Your mind and body has a natural yearning to be together. This is natural.

Learning to meditate will help the mind be present with the body much of the time. This means you will feel whole and complete and not stressed because of your wandering mind.

This is mindfulness really. Which actually comes from the Vedas and is originaly known as Sakshi Bav. This means witness mentality. When you are witnessing your mentality frequently, you are in the moment without having to do anything. And this becomes easier with practise.

FAQ image

What Will Happen To Me If I Meditate Everyday?

Your clarity of thought and your peace of mind will grow. You will be able to navigate stressful situations much easier. And problems will become easier to solve. Your body will start to work properly and your brain function will improve.

There are so many good things that will happen when you meditate every day. It is really hard to get started. But it becomes addictive when you get into it. I know. I found it really difficult to get started. I now use Ki Gong to meditate everyday.

FAQ image

Can Meditation Increase Empathy And Compassion?

Yes mediation can increase empathy and compassion. In fact, many highly sensitive people tend to spend too much time suffering from being over empathetic and compassionate. A regular meditation practise will put everyhing into perspective and help you increase your empathy and compassion without becoming exhausted by it.

Emotional exhaustion is quite common today because our heart chakra goes in and out like a concertina. We can stop that from happening with meditation and be more balanced and centred

FAQ image

Guided And Breathing Meditations

Meditation Can Change Your Life

Peter Paul Parker Meditation And Transformational Coach

Peter Paul Parker - Dahn Master

I was born with the name Peter Parker and added the Paul, so my name became Peter Paul Parker stopping any confusion with Spider man. My childhood was idyllic.

We didn’t wish or want for anything, and our house was always full of people having fun, looking out for each other, and laughter was a plenty. This all changed when I was ten years of age.

When the latch of a car bonnet hit the top of my fathers’ head, the injury was patched up. But, what the Doctor failed to notice was the burst blood vessel that had not been fixed.

A Few Days Later

After a couple of days, my father was rushed back into hospital and he had to undergo an enormous operation, removing the top of his skull to heal the artery and stop the bleeding.

The after-care was not performed properly either, and his hands and feet were not placed in a proper position for recovery, so he never really recovered the ability to flex his tendons in his left leg again, leaving him permanently disabled.

This was devastating for him as he was just about to become a professional golfer. He then could not walk without aid, so was never to recover from his injury. When I learnt this, I became very, very angry at the lack of responsibility taken by the medical staff involved in my fathers’ care.

A Year Later

A year later my mother developed gall stones in her gall bladder. With what I know now, it was the stress that would have added to her ailment, as the burden of running a big family fell onto her.

The stress and anxiety of going from a wonderful household, to a place of worry and lack must have been a real burden for her to deal with. My mother then went into hospital to have the gall stones removed.

Unfortunately, a few of the stones were left in her gall bladder and became cancerous. She then died very soon after the operation, in a horribly slow manner.

This was awful to see as my mother was my best friend at the time as I had been quite a sickly child, with extreme chicken pox, and other lung issues. In later life, I again became very angry at the medical system for what they had done to my mother.

Sent Away To Boarding School

I was sent away to boarding school, where there was yet another set of problems to deal with. We had teachers who were bullies and who have now been banned from the profession. Without going into detail, this was horrendous, and really pushed me deeper and deeper into a traumatic state.

When I was 19 years of age, my father died. I had a good education behind me, but jumped from job to job, not really knowing what I wanted to do. I found music as a profession and really enjoyed my time as a musician. I was named in magazines, played a stadium concert and even had my own music released on a record label.

That all came to an end, and threw me back into a place of stress, anxiety and even trauma. I drank heavily to help, which was not doing my health any good whatsoever. Luckily, I found meditation and mindfulness at this time.

Invested In My Personal Transformation

I have been through many courses, became trained to teach, and spent thousands of pounds on my self- development. I have never regretted a penny I have spent on my own development, as I have seen my transformation from being stressed, anxious and traumatised, into the human being I am now, that is, helping people with their own health and well being.

I am now starting to share what I have learnt on a wider scale. I run meditation and mindfulness courses, sessions, and also teach Ki Gong regularly online. I have helped many people now with their health and well being. I want to help more as I see we are living through a very stressful time in human history. Learn about the Dream Method by clicking the button below

The Dream Method For Deep Meditation

The Dream Method goes through 5 types of meditation as 5 modules. These will help you become a master at meditation and mindfulness. The Dream Method is also a coaching course, where you will be guided through the issues you are having to make your life better. The Dream Method has been designed with highly sensitive people in mind. But is open to anyone who fits the profile to go on the course.

This programme will not work for everyone. That is why there is a free call at the end of the Webinar to see if this will work for you. We do this to avoid disappointment and disatisfaction.

The Dream Method - Making People Feel Human Again

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