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Welcome To This Video Series On Mindset Mastery

To break free of the conditioning of the mind, we first really need to address being stuck in our comfort zone. First we shall look at the steps you need to take to break free of your comfort zone and start to expand your mind to the infinite possibilities out their infront of you.

Once you break free from your comfort zone, embrace the fear and take on your new learning challenges, you walk into your growth zone, where you make your life happen. No more waiting around for things to happen. You learn to initiate what you want from life.

Tapping Into The Right Side Of The Brain

I was watching a documentary on Tom Kenyon and his sound healing journey. And what a facinating watch it was.

As a neuroscientist, and also a mystic, he really understood opening up the right side of the brain. And he also went through all the benefits of doing this.

In our world today, most of us are prisoners to the left brain. Be that good or bad. Whatever perspective you look at it, this is how we have been conditioned to be on the whole.

But what if you could tap into the wonderful creativity and sense of freedom from the right brain.

Well you can. And in fact, it is very simple.

All you need to do is connect your consciousness to the space outside your body. You have to keep focusing on that space, and start to feel that sensation inside. Keep focusing outside of your body, while processing the feeling inside.

If you can, try it now. Imagine yourself filling the room with your presence. And keep processing how this feels inside to do this.

It takes a while to get this right, but it is very simple. I was lucky enough to go on many Open Focus seminars to help me do this. But I started doing this in my Ki Gong practise, and I really found that beautiful flow state you find with Ki Gong very quickly.

And then when you master this in a room, go outside on a mountain or hill top, and do it there. Expand your conscious mind to fill the space, while focusing internally on the feeling this creates.

There is no need to explain it, as you will feel it. You just have to keep trying if your left brain and ego keep having ago at you for doing something so stupid. Ignore that, and tap into the power of your right brain.

That is the science part of this.

What some would call the Woo Woo science to this is that you tap into your own personal spirituality. You start to realise your profound purpose. And you start to move towards people and activities that resonate with you, and move away from things that don't.

You can start your day with this expansive feeling. Get into a habit where you produce dopamine in your brain through exercise and the feeling of moving into a place of expanded consciousness. Ki Gong is ideal.

In my Dream Method coaching course, I cover this aspect of our nature. You can try it here for yourself. Have a go if you haven't already, you may well surprise yourself.

Personally, many years ago, I had an enormous expansion feeling that made me feel like I was connected to everything. I have been trying to find my way back to that feeling ever since.

Why, you may well ask? Because it felt so beautiful, blissful and I felt completely at home with everything for a short while.

Wake up to the right side of the brain by Peter Paul Parker

Wake Up To The Right Side Of Your Brain

Mindset Mastery Video Series

Here is a short video series on Mindset Mastery and the steps you can take to master your mind. You can do this if you actually put your mind to it Pun intended. Your mind is a powerful tool, but it is a lousy master. Taking back control of your mind will help you reach your full potential as a human being.

Welcome To The Mindset Mastery Series

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Mastering Your Mind And Meditation

Mastering your mind and meditation come hand in hand really. Meditation is really where you put the focus of your mind. In todays busy world, we are distracted virtually every moment of the day. Staying clear of those distractions and focusing on what you want is the key to mastering your mind.

I found the best way for me to do this was through Ki Gong. I found that I could quite quickly focus my mind on my body. This is because Ki Gong is a moving meditation. Now I find it much easier to sit silently and focus my mind on what I want to.

When the distractions become quieter, and your focus more laser like, you are well on your way to mindset mastery. Keep going. It is worth the effort. And if you want some guidance and coaching on this, don't hesitate to reach out and let me know. I am here to help.

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