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Chakra Healing

The chakra healing book is all about the energy system of the body. We take for granted that the nose is for breathing and the ears are for hearing. But did you know that certain areas of the body hold onto certain energies.

For instance, the heart chakra would be your feelings of love, empathy and compassion. That seems to be common knowledge in the western world, but what about the other areas of the body that also holds onto certain energies.

Learn to use your energies to create the life you want with the Chakra healing book .

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Chakra Healing By Peter Paul Parker

Vegan Vitality

It was Hippocrates who said let food be thigh medicine. Learn exactly what he was talking about with the book vegan vitality.

I have put together all the information I needed to make the change to becoming vegan. People often ask what I eat, and it tends to me a much more varied diet than most.

All the fabulous colours flavours and textures of food are explored in this little gem of a book, and will help you, or a loved one to know more about food and what it can do for you.

I am so pleased to see that going towards eating a healthier diet is becoming more popular, And why not. Your body is a vehicle and needs to best fuel to keep it running.

You would never dream of putting bad fuel in your car, so why your body?

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Vgan Vitality Chakra Healing By Peter Paul Parker

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