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Is Being Highly Sensitive A Curse?

Some people view being highly sensitive as a curse. But it is actually a gift. And a very special one at that. Is is actually known scientifically as sensory input sensitivity. Put in simple terms, you have far more to process that other people because there is so much more going on.

Learning to cope with this can feel like this is a problem. But when you understand this on a deeper level, what is happening inside you becomes clearer. And this is where you can start to feel alive again.

In this video series I break down what it has been like for me living life as a highly sensitive man. Both men and women are highly sensitive and we can overcome these difficulties we feel are a curse, and turn them into a super power.

What Is A Highly Sensitive Human Being?

Being highly sensitive has been shown to describe people who process all information very deeply, including emotions, thoughts and sensory input.

This is a personality trait that has both a good and a bad side. If you are highly sensitive, you are likely to excel in creativity, empathy and see connections that other people just do not see.


Are you frequently emotionally exhausted?

Dealing with your own feelings, thoughts and emotions is usually enough for most people to handle.

Being highly sensitive will make you an empath to a greater or lesser degree, and this means you take on other people’s problems, almost like they are your own. This leads to emotional exhaustion.


Do you find it incredibly difficult to function without proper sleep?

Today we ask the question ‘Do you find it incredibly difficult to function without proper sleep?‘

If your answer to this question is yes, you may well be highly sensitive.


Do you react badly to criticism or conflict?

Highly Sensitive People usually react badly to criticism of conflict. Welcome to this series on highly sensitive human beings.

HSP’s usually don’t react well to criticism and conflict.


Highly sensitive people do not do well under pressure.

Deadlines and time pressure can cause serious distress and uneasiness to someone who is highly sensitive.

They are more at home with themselves taking their time and giving their full focus on the task they are doing.


Highly Sensitive People Find It Difficult To Change.

This article is about being uncomfortable with change as a highly sensitive human.

Do you feel anxious trying something new or eating somewhere you have never eaten before?


Highly sensitive people have a richer and more complex inner world.

There is a lot more going on inside of highly sensitive people. There is a biological and an energetic level to this.

Because of this complex inner world,
highly sensitive people can be looked upon as too high maintenance, too
difficult, too intense even.


The Dream Method For Highly Sensitive People

The Dream Method For Transformation

The Dream Method

The Dream Method is a one to one coaching course with comprehensive online resources to help you find out what is the power inside of you are a highly sensitive human being.

There are five steps to the Dream Method. Discoveries, Realisations, Embracing, Actualising and Mastering.

Watch the free webinar by clicking the link below to see if the Dream Method will work for you.

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