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Scientific Studies On Meditation And Qi Gong

Meditation And Science Series - Studies On How Effective Meditation Is

There is so much research and science connected with meditation and Ki Gong now. Here are a few videos with the links to the studies to help you on your quest to find the answers you are looking for when it comes to meditation and Ki Gong.

Ki Gong And Tai Chi Scientific Studies

I have found Ki Gong has been the best activity to help me get deeper into meditation. From not being able to sit still for a moment, I can now quieten my mind and sit still for a fare amount of time.

Building up my own empirical evidence, as well as looking at studies mademe see the value of getting into meditation and Ki Gong. These practises quit literaly change your life and are worh the initial effort of practising them to get better.

Click the button below to take you to the relevant study link.

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