Transformational Coaching By Peter Paul Parker

What Is

Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is all about you, what you desire and what you want to become. It is about finding the best version of yourself. The process enables you to grow, develop and actually rewrite your reality.

What Is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is all about changing where you are at the moment, what you desire and what you want to become. It is about finding the best version of yourself. The process enables you to grow, develop and actually rewrite your reality.

Transformational Coaching is designed to address the many pain points we can encounter as human beings. Learn to embrace your empathy, and end the feelings of being overwhelmed. Overcome emotional exhaustion, and calm the monkey mind.

Stop suffering from self-doubt and a negative self-image. End your lack of confidence and self sabotaging behaviour. Establish boundaries and manage your priorities properly.

Embody Love, Embrace Growth, Inspire Change With The Dream Method

Transformational coaching with the Dream Method is a five step, tried and tested process that will give you a deeper insight into self discovery and awareness. This is a process I learnt the hard way, coming from a traumatic childhood.

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1 - Discover

2 - Realise

3 - Embrace

4 - Actualise

4 - Master

Peter Paul Parker - Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching For Emotional Exhaustion

Stop Feeling Lost

Find Your Purpose

Renew Your Energy

Sad and lonely girl by Peter Paul Parker

What Transformational Coaching Can Do For You

  • Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Find A Deeper Understanding Of Yourself And The World Around You

  • Learn To Live In The Present And Focus On The Future That You Want And Desire

  • Improve Relationships You Are In, And The Ones You Are About To Create

  • Increase Your Engagement In Life And Work

  • Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Into Your Growth Zone

  • Realise Your True Value At Home And At Work

  • How To Deal With Difficult Situations To Everyone's Best Advantage

Sad and lonely girl by Peter Paul Parker

When You Look In The Mirror - What Do You See?

The Dream Method Changes the mirror

A Confident, Self-Aware, Authentic Human Being?

Or An Overwhelmed, Anxious, Traumatised Human Being?

You Cannot Change The Reflection In The Mirror

You Can Change The Human Being In front Of The Mirror

The Dream Method for transformation
The Dream Method or a better life
How Will The Dream Method Work For Me?

By Embracing Your Highly Sensitive Nature

Healing Your Old Emotional Wounds

And Seeing Life As It Is,

And Not Reacting From Your Internal Triggers

Are You Looking For Guidance With This?

I May Be Able To Help

I Have Created The Dream Method Because…

I Saw The Reflection Of Me As Overwhelmed, Anxious And Traumatised

I Had A Burning Desire To Be Authentic

And I was Searching For A Deeper Sense Of Self

To Be Confident In My Feelings And Emotions And Stay In My Grace

This Journey Made Me Realise I Am A Spiritual Teacher

An Experienced Guide To Help You Take Back Control Of Your Life

And Be Authentic, Passionate And Confident With Who You Really Are

This Is The Journey I Took That Worked, And Know It Is Truly Liberating

Peter Paul Parker - Award Winning Transformational Coach

Peter Paul Parkers Dream Method

The Dream Method

The Dream Method Is Designed To Repair Emotional Childhood Wounds, Soothe Anxiety And Alleviate Depression Using Scientifically Proven Techniques That Actually Work. You will stop trying to change the reflection in the mirror. Peter Paul Parker has created the Dream Method because of his discovery from healing his own traumatic childhood.

His coaching method is full of empathy because of the experience he has felt himself, but also from the many people he has taken through the Dream Method successfully. And during this process of coaching and online course activity, the root of the issues are found and healed. This is so important because if the root of the problem is not found, the same cycle will continue.

The 5 Steps Of The Dream Method

1. Discover – Everything holding you back - And your root cause for this

2. Realise – Your amazing power to change - And heal the root cause of your problems

3. Embrace – Unleashing the qualities locked inside

4. Actualise – Designing the life you want

5. Master – Sustaining the life you want

Watch The Video Below For The Five Steps Of The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker speaking about the Dream Method and how the process can work for you. Click the link below to see the free webinar

See If The Dream Method Can Help You

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Will The Dream method Work For Me?

  • Your emotional childhood wounds will have been with you all your life. But how often do they trigger your anxiety, dis-ease, or even depression? If this is happening regularly, then the Dream Method is for you.

  • Can you follow five simple steps to help you repair your emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression? If your answer is yes, the Dream Method is for you.

  • Are you willing to find the root cause of your problems? If your answer is yes, the Dream Method is for you.

  • Can you keep this up for at least 90 days? It sounds like a long time, but believe me, it flies by. If you can answer this question yes, then the Dream method is for you.

  • Are you willing to invest time, money and effort into your transformation? If your answer is yes, then the Dream Method is for you.

    And you must consider this when it comes to money. When you get to the end of your life, will you regret not making the effort to heal those stuck negative emotions inside of you that have stopped you living an amazing life?

  • What proof have you that the Dream Method works? The testimonials are here on this page, but also the abundant scientific proof that what you do on the Dream Method is actually proven to work. But you have to do the work.

    And just to add to that, my own empirical evidence was what inspired me to create this programme in the first place.

  • What if the Dream Method doesn't work for me? Firstly, you need to go through a discovery call with me to see if this is going to work for you. And if I feel it won't, I will not take you on.

    And if for any reason, you complete the course, and you have not made the transformation you are looking for, I will give you your money back. But you have to prove that you have done the work.

What If I Can't Share With You?

Yes, I completely understand that. It took me years before I could talk about what had happened to me in the past. My parents dying when I was very young through medical negligence. Being sent off to a boarding school that had paedophiles operating in it.

And a headmaster who has now been banned from working with children. And no one listened. Because they thought I was oversensitive and making it up.

Trust is one of the big reasons to offer you a free discovery call. To see if we can find that trust together. We will see if we resonate with each other on the call.

And I find through my coaching process, people tend to open up and trust me within the first two or three weeks when working with me. And here is why.

I do not judge. I listen and observe. Furthermore, I have experienced or learnt from other people's experiences, that these are experiences and not us. And that is something most people do not get when sharing their past with other people. I am an empath, and have deep connections with my clients.

And these feelings of being terrified or ashamed to share is something that is holding you back. You have no reason to be terrified or ashamed of your actions from the past. They were your protection mechanisms, your subconscious mind put in place to keep you safe.

And I do realise how scary it is when you first open up. I will guide you to let that all go through your own intuition and intelligence.

As an adult, you do not need these protection mechanisms any more. And that is what we will be establishing inside you on the Dream method.

Organisations And People I Have Worked With In The Past

Organisations Peter Paul Parker has Worked With

Is this resonating with you yet? If so, why not experience the 5 step process of the Dream Method by clicking the link below.

The Dream Method Free Workshop

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Still Not Convinced?

Check Out The Dream Method Testimonials Below
The Dream Method - Guiding People To Feel Human Again

Peter Paul Parker Award Winning Meditation Coach

Peter Paul Parker - Award Winning Meditational Coach
Have You Considered Coaching Before?

When it comes to the journey of transformation, it can be really hard to choose which path to take. I get that. And it would be good to have someone on your team who is a natural empath, and highly sensitive also.

Having searched myself for the right mentor and coaches before, I know when you get someone who is bad for you, it can really set you back a long way. And that is a bitter pill to swallow.

That is why I offer a free Discovery call with me after the Dream Method free webinar to see if we are going to be a good fit for each other. I do not take people on who I feel I cannot help. And I would expect the same from you too.

All you need to do is click the link below to see the Dream Method Webinar, which is free, and see if this actual process resonates with you. If it does, please do book a call with me, which is also free, and we will see if we can speed up your transformational journey.

I couldn't be much fairer than that.

Click the link below and sign up for the free webinar. And I look forward to meeting you soon.

Why I Created The Dream Method

After the traumatic childhood I went through, and the numb and exhausted way this left me, I finally found something that really helped me get back to feeling whole and complete again.

It was quite a journey with lots of soul-searching. And I found many amazing mentors on the way that gave me a deeper understanding of what this life is about.

And I realised that life is different for everyone. That is one of the reasons I created the Dream Method. Life is not one size fits all. We are all unique, amazing in our own right, and deeply connected to each other.

I realised this deep connection from the work I had been doing on my body, and also studying the Vedic scripts and the Puranas, to help me see this clearly.

We have conditioned souls inside of us. And these are affected by our life experiences. And if these experiences are traumatic and hard to deal with, the soul can actually partly leave the body. So the numb and exhausted feelings set in, and you lose your zest for life.

We can bring our body's connection to our soul back, and this is done through a process called the Dream Method. This can be seen as a spiritual journey, or simply a way of you feeling whole and complete again.

Emotional Exhaustion Can Be Healed

Emotional exhaustion can happen to the best of us. And it feels like a stone in pushing down on you. This can be particularly hard on people who are highly sensitive, who seem to have more empathy and compassion than most people. In fact, highly sensitive people are thought to make up about 20-30% of the population.

Emotional exhaustion can happen to you when the energies of the heart goes in and out like a concertina. One minute you seem to be pouring your empathy into someone, then the next, you feel numb and have no empathy any more to give.

This leads you to what I call the numbness trance, where you walk around feeling numb. And there are ways out of this position with your body, with scientifically proven techniques to change the energy of your body. And a friendly coach to guide you through the process.

Are You Suffering From Emotional Exhaustion?

5 Signs You Are Suffering From Emotional Exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion can manifest in various ways, impacting both mental and physical well-being.

You can get your bounce back from emotional exhaustion.

Here are five signs that may indicate emotional exhaustion:

1. Chronic Fatigue: Feeling consistently tired, even after a full night's sleep, is a common sign of emotional exhaustion. Individuals may wake up feeling unrefreshed and find it difficult to summon the energy to engage in daily activities.

2. Increased Irritability: Emotional exhaustion often leads to heightened irritability and a decreased tolerance for stress. Individuals may find themselves becoming easily frustrated, agitated, or even angry over minor issues that typically wouldn't bother them.

3. Cognitive Difficulties: Emotional exhaustion can impair cognitive functions such as concentration, memory, and decision-making. Individuals may have trouble focusing on tasks, experience memory lapses, or struggle to make simple decisions.

4. Decreased Motivation: People experiencing emotional exhaustion often lose interest and motivation in activities they once enjoyed. They may withdraw from social interactions, hobbies, or work-related tasks that used to bring them pleasure or fulfilment.

5. Physical Symptoms: Emotional exhaustion can also manifest in physical symptoms, including headaches, muscle tension, stomach problems, and changes in appetite or sleep patterns. These physical symptoms are often a result of the body's response to chronic stress and emotional strain.

It's important to note that experiencing one or more of these signs doesn't necessarily mean someone is emotionally exhausted, but if these symptoms persist over a period of time and significantly impact daily functioning, it's crucial to seek support from a healthcare professional or mental health provider.

Transformation Coaching With The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker has been coaching people on how to become their best version for many years now. You can see some of the testimonials he has received from his endeavours with the testimonials above. If you are looking to repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression, the Dream Method is for you.

But the process does not work for everyone. After you have seen the webinar, and want to see if you are eligible for the programme, book a call, and we can see if we can fit you in as soon as possible.

Spiritual Coaching By Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker has been working with both the Tao philosophy and the Puranas from India. He has found great similarities between the two great philosophies. And he brings that into the Dream Method coaching programme if that is what you need.

When we realise the teachings from India come with a male energy approach, and the teachings of the Tao has a more female energy approach, we find the balance. And that balance is very powerful when you find this inside yourself.

You have the ability to see life in a more profound way, and see through problems without the reactions we can all have from old emotions, but from an intelligent response.

yin and yang by peter paul parker

More Female Energy Orientated

taj mahal by peter paul parker

More Male Energy Orientated

5 Ways Transformational Spiritual Coaching Can Help You

1. Self-Discovery and Awareness: Spiritual coaches guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, helping them explore their beliefs, values, and purpose in life. Through introspective practices and meaningful conversations, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their spirituality, and their connection to the universe.

2. Emotional Healing: Spiritual coaches often help individuals navigate through emotional challenges, trauma, and past experiences. They provide a safe space for individuals to express their emotions, process unresolved issues, and work towards healing. This emotional healing can lead to increased self-confidence, inner peace, and overall well-being.

3. Mindfulness and Presence: Spiritual coaching emphasizes mindfulness and being present in the moment. Coaches teach techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness exercises, helping individuals reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thinking patterns. Developing a present-moment awareness fosters a sense of calm and contentment.

4. Alignment of Values and Actions: Spiritual coaches assist individuals in aligning their actions with their core spiritual values. This alignment leads to a more authentic and purposeful life. Individuals learn to make decisions that are in harmony with their spiritual beliefs, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

5. Life Purpose and Fulfilment: Spiritual coaches help individuals identify their life purpose and passions. By exploring spiritual beliefs and values, individuals can align their life choices, career, and relationships with their purpose. This alignment often leads to a profound sense of fulfilment, meaning, and happiness in life.

In summary, a transformational spiritual coach provides invaluable support for individuals seeking deeper meaning, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. Through their guidance, individuals can experience transformative changes that positively impact various aspects of their lives.

Business Coaching By Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker was the President of Epsom Speakers Toastmaster Club. This is looked upon with high esteem in the Toastmasters community. He was an accredited President and ran a successful year with the club.

With this, he learnt leadership skills. And he also developed the skills to find and enhance the potential inside the people he mentored at the club. He has now brought that into his coaching programme with the Dream Method if you need that approach.

Peter has guided and mentored people in the business world for many years now. And the results have been amazing. To have the tools in your box to be able to be neutral in all interactions at work really is a game changer.

Transformational business coaching possesses a remarkable power to catalyse personal and professional growth, reshaping not only the trajectory of businesses but also the lives of the individuals behind them. Through insightful guidance, empathetic listening, and strategic questioning, business coaches help entrepreneurs identify their strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potentials.

By fostering a deep understanding of one's goals and values, these coaches empower their clients to envision new possibilities and set audacious targets. More than just enhancing financial outcomes, transformational coaching instils confidence, resilience, and a proactive mindset. It challenges limiting beliefs, encouraging leaders to embrace change and innovation.

In essence, the transformative impact of business coaching extends far beyond boardrooms, creating ripples of positive change that echo through entire organizations, enriching the lives of leaders, employees, and communities alike.

Book a discovery call with Peter and see if this is the route for you to become more successful in your business life. Click the button to book the free call.

5 Reasons To Have A Transformational Business Coach

1. Clarity and Vision: Business coaching helps individuals clarify their goals and vision for their business. Coaches guide entrepreneurs in defining clear, actionable objectives, providing a roadmap for success. This clarity is essential for making strategic decisions and focusing efforts effectively.

2. Enhanced Self-awareness: Through coaching, individuals gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This self-awareness is pivotal for personal and professional growth, enabling entrepreneurs to capitalize on their strengths and work on their limitations.

3. Improved Decision-Making: Coaches encourage critical thinking and help entrepreneurs develop sound decision-making skills. By considering various perspectives and weighing options, individuals can make informed choices, leading to better outcomes for their businesses.

4. Increased Accountability: One of the significant advantages of coaching is the accountability it instils. Coaches hold entrepreneurs accountable for their goals and actions, ensuring they stay on track. This accountability fosters discipline and motivation, driving consistent progress.

5. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Transformational business coaching focuses on leadership development. Entrepreneurs learn effective communication, team management, and conflict resolution skills. These leadership qualities not only improve the business environment but also contribute to personal growth, enabling entrepreneurs to become inspiring and influential leaders.

These benefits, among others, make transformational business coaching a powerful tool for professional development and business success. Click the button above to book a call to see whether this kind of coaching will work for you.

FAQ's On Coaching With Peter Paul Parker

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a way of helping, guiding and mentoring someone into a place where they want to be. It is a process of transformation that occurs inside of the person being coached. It is a process of building on their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses.

It can be really difficult to see your blocks for yourself, and a good coach will help you find them, and overcome these negative issues inside of you. it can feel like miracles are happening to you when you finally break down the pre conceptions you had about yourself.

FAQ image

How Does Coaching Work?

First we need to determine where you are at the moment. And then figure out where you want to get to. Finding out what you actually want can be a little confusing, but once we get that clarity, we look at what is stopping you achieving that. And then we can move forward on how to get you there.

I use many techniques and practises I have learnt over the 20 years I have been in the mind body spirit arena. And this knowledge I will share with you freely. I use the TGROW coaching method, as well as the way I was mentored to become a Dahn Master.

FAQ image

What Can I Expect From A Session?

Coaching sessions usually last for an hour. You will be asked many relevant questions on what you are looking to achieve. You will be doing most of the talking. But that will be easy because you will be talking about yourself, how you feel and how you perceive your current problems.

This is a partnership between you and your coach. It is important to find a coach you can trust. Someone with the empathy to really understand the issues you are going through, and guide you to the solutions.

FAQ image

What Can A Coach Help Me With?

As mentioned on this page, a coach can help you with a variety of issues in your life. I tend to focus on emotional issues that are blocking you reaching your full potential. I tend to focus mainly on helping highly sensitive people, empaths and intuitives, but do something help others, if I feel I can.

Coaching can help with relationships, personal life, business life and work performance.

I do not take on a coaching client if I feel I cannot help them. So best to book a free consultation with me to see if I can help you. It is only fair on you, but also for me also.

FAQ image

How Many Coaching Sessions Will I Need?

That really depends on you and what you want from coaching. For example, I run the Dream Method, which has 12 coaching calls to start with. This is enough time to get to the bottom of where your issues are coming from and find solutions for you to repair your emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression.

Sometimes this is enough. Other times people find that the changes in them have been so profound, they want to keep me on as a coach to help them progress in their work life.

FAQ image

Is Coaching Available Online?

Coaching can be on or offline. The coaching sessions from the Bright Beings Academy are exclusively online. These are conducted via a zoom call. So to actually attend these sessions you will need an internet connection, a screen and a microphone.

Smart phones are ok but not ideal for this kind of coaching.

FAQ image

What's The Difference Between Coaching And Therapy?

Therapy tends to focus on past issues. Coaching tends to look more to the future. But these two ways combined can be very profound.

Once you have healed any issues from the past, this enables you to freely pursue what you want out of life. Old emotional wounds that trigger you can be one of the biggest blocks for you. And these can be identified quite quickly, and then be navigated past to free you up to get on with where you want to take your life.

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You Can Learn This Transformational Process

Fear Into Love

Anger Into Peace

Sadness Into Joy

Yes You Can Change The Human Being In front Of The Mirror

A Journey Of Transformation

What really facinates me is our differences, but also our commonalities. And these can be found in the chakra system and the meridian lines. The energy body is such an important part of our overall being, and we need to look after it.

Learning to look after your energy body is truly a journey of transformation. And it starts with you. All you need to do is make the decision, and the path will open up for you.

Whether you choose me as a mentor or a guide, or go elsewhere, I wish you all the best. I genuinely want the best for human beings as we go through what I would call a very dark time in human history. And there is an amazing reason for that. You can actually see very clearly what you do not want in your life.

And this clear vision actually starts to make it easier for you to choose what you do want.

Choose well. And as my mentor used to say 'If you make the right choice, with every choice, you are enlightened.'

You can find it this lifetime. So keep going. Believe me, it is worth it.

Be well and keep shining.

Peter. :)

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